Alessandra Caraceni

Commander in Chief Graphic designer

Alessandra is a PostDoc in Probability at the University of Bath and has been part of the Italian Mathematical Olympiad organising team since 2006. She has participated in all past editions of EGMO, some as Deputy Leader and some as Leader of the Italian team. She is one of the main organisers of EGMO 2018: as of late, you will mostly find her answering EGMO-related emails, doing graphic design work for this very website, coming up with surprises that will hopefully await you in Florence, or playing Hanabi.

Luigi Amedeo Bianchi

Editor in Chief

Luigi Amedeo is a Junior Professor in Probability at the University of Konstanz. He has been one of the organisers of the Italian Mathematical Olympiad since 2008. Though he has no prior EGMO experience, he is trying to convey the enthusiasm of the EGMO 2018 organisers to the rest of Italy and the world, mostly through this website. When he is not wrestling with HTML or stochastic partial differential equations, you can probably find him somewhere in the mountains climbing, hiking or skiing.

Giovanni Paolini

Web developer

Giovanni is a PhD student in Combinatorial Topology at Scuola Normale Superiore, in Pisa. He has participated in many Mathematical Olympiads both as a contestant (he was a gold medallist at IMO 2009!)  and as an organiser. He likes programming, and he is one of the developers of the EGMO 2018 website. He considers Florence to be a wonderful city (he even got married there, last year). His free time is often devoted to playing long and complex board games.

Valentina Disarlo

Editorial board member

Valentina is a Postdoc in Geometric Topology at Heidelberg Universität in Germany. Having grown up in a small town in Salento, she got interested in maths as a teenager thanks to the Italian Maths Olympiad and a noisy 56k modem. After being a contestant in the Italian Finals in Cesenatico, she started solving the beautiful problems posted on the OliForum and its mailing list. She has lived abroad since 2010, and has worked in France and the US, where she also attended many events and panels discussing the gender gap in STEM fields. When she is not doing maths, she enjoys reading good literature, traveling, volunteering and dancing rueda de casino.

Marta Mussi

Editorial board member

Marta is a Teaching Assistant in Brighton, UK. After reading “The Number Devil”, she got quite excited about this Maths thing and even competed (regionally) in the Italian Maths Olympiad, which led her father to believe she would become an engineer. She didn't. Instead she chose to study languages, preferrably dead ones, and to convince new generations that Latin and Greek are worth learning. When her mathematician friends told her about EGMO, she decided to contribute her non-mathematician perspective. Whenever she's not acting in a play or reading time-travelling-robo-feminist space opera, she writes and draws stories, which she later hides where nobody will ever find them.

Riccardo Zanotto

Editorial board member Social media manager

Riccardo is a bachelor student at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa. After participating to many national and international Maths Olympiads, he now helps with the Italian training programme and tries to invent problems. He is the EGMO 2018 social media manager, since he likes creating Olympiad-themed memes. When he is not studying for the next exam (sometimes even when he is), he loves playing table football, board games and some videogames; he also likes programming and reading comics.

Emanuele Tron

Editorial board member

Emanuele is a Master's student in Diophantine geometry at the Institut de Mathématiques in Bordeaux. His first contest in the Italian Mathematical Olympiads took him by surprise, but made him love the world of mathematics. He has been regularly creating Olympiad problems after high school as a means to appreciate elementary facts and offer others the chance to discover mathematics. In his free time he is an avid reader of literature and philosophy, does mountaineering, and enjoys learning to play new instruments.

Davide Lombardo


Davide is a Researcher in Number Theory at the University of Pisa. Soon after being awarded a bronze medal at IMO 2008, he joined the ranks of the Italian Maths Olympiad organisers, and has been a dedicated coach, problem creator and forum moderator ever since. He is part of the Problem Selection Committee for EGMO 2018. When he’s not too overwhelmed by his teaching duties and pending article reviews he likes to unwind by playing and designing video games, singing out of tune and spending time at the beach.

Lorenzo Moreschini

Web developer

Lorenzo is a PhD student in Algebra, split between the Universities of Pavia and Milano-Bicocca. Disguised behind the mask of queit mathematician he hides the past of a fervent videogamer and a present as passionate player of board games (with little randomness and much strategy). Between one game and the other he finds the time to experiment with new web oriented libraries. As for the future, fingers crossed...