EGMO 2018 will be held in Florence, Italy.


Contestants are given three problems to solve in each of the two competition days.


April 9th - 15th, 2018.

Thinking Out Loud – EGMO 2015 Problem 4

EGMO 2015, Problem 4. Determine whether there exists an infinite sequence \(a_1, a_2, a_3, \dots\) of positive integers which satisfies the equality \[a_{n+2}=a_{n+1}+\sqrt{a_{n+1}+a_{n}} \] for every positive integer \(n\).

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EGMO Countries – Austria

This is the second entry in a series of posts about the teams taking part in EGMO 2018. Today we have an interview with Birgit Vera Schmidt, the austrian Team Leader.

Questo è il secondo di una serie di post che ci faranno scoprire qualcosa di più sulle squadre presenti alle EGMO 2018. Oggi intervistiamo Birgit Vera Schmidt, la Team Leader austriaca.

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Thinking Out Loud – EGMO 2014 Problem 3

EGMO 2014, Problem 3. We denote the number of positive divisors of a positive integer \(m\) by \(d(m)\) and the number of distinct prime divisors of \(m\) by \(\omega(m)\). Let \(k\) be a positive integer. Prove that there exist infinitely many positive integers \(n\) such that \(\omega(n) = k\) and \(d(n)\) does not divide \(d(a^2+b^2)\) for any positive integers \(a, b\) satisfying \(a + b = n\).

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