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Thinking Out Loud – EGMO 2017 Problem 1

EGMO 2017, Problem 1. Let \(ABCD\) be a convex quadrilateral with \(\widehat{DAB} = \widehat{BCD} = 90^\circ\) and \(\widehat{ABC} > \widehat{CDA}\). Let \(Q\) and \(R\) be points on segments \(BC\) and \(CD\), respectively, such that line \(QR\) intersects lines \(AB\) and \(AD\) at points \(P\) and \(S\), respectively. It is given that \(PQ = RS\). Let the midpoint of \(BD\) be \(M\) and the midpoint of \(QR\) be \(N\). Prove that the points \(M, N, A\) and \(C\) lie on a circle.

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