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Tresaure hunt results

Here are the results of the tresaure hunt you did on Tuesday!

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Florence part 2 – Typical food

As the countdown to EGMO keeps going it is time to get introduced to one treasure Italy has to offer: food! We focus only on the less-known specialities from Florence and Tuscany.

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Florence part 1 – Basic information

We are now roughly one month away from EGMO, and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Florence. We decided to collect some basic information about Italy and Florence to help you better plan your visit and pack your luggages.

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Thinking Out Loud – EGMO 2017 Problem 1

EGMO 2017, Problem 1. Let \(ABCD\) be a convex quadrilateral with \(\widehat{DAB} = \widehat{BCD} = 90^\circ\) and \(\widehat{ABC} > \widehat{CDA}\). Let \(Q\) and \(R\) be points on segments \(BC\) and \(CD\), respectively, such that line \(QR\) intersects lines \(AB\) and \(AD\) at points \(P\) and \(S\), respectively. It is given that \(PQ = RS\). Let the midpoint of \(BD\) be \(M\) and the midpoint of \(QR\) be \(N\). Prove that the points \(M, N, A\) and \(C\) lie on a circle.

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Thinking Out Loud – EGMO 2014 Problem 3

EGMO 2014, Problem 3. We denote the number of positive divisors of a positive integer \(m\) by \(d(m)\) and the number of distinct prime divisors of \(m\) by \(\omega(m)\). Let \(k\) be a positive integer. Prove that there exist infinitely many positive integers \(n\) such that \(\omega(n) = k\) and \(d(n)\) does not divide \(d(a^2+b^2)\) for any positive integers \(a, b\) satisfying \(a + b = n\).

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