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Tresaure hunt results

Here are the results of the tresaure hunt you did on Tuesday!

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Florence part 4 – Exhibitions

There is more to EGMO and mathematics in Florence than meets the eye...

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Team Italy – La squadra italiana

Today we hear the voices of the girls of Team Italy! Let's meet Giorgia, Maria, Linda, Maria Chiara and Sabrina.

È arrivato il momento di sentire le voci delle ragazze della squadra italiana! Eccovi Giorgia, Maria, Linda, Maria Chiara e Sabrina.

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Florence part 3 – Sightseeing

We continue our series of posts on Florence and today we hit the hot topic: art and monuments in Florence.

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Women in Mathematics beyond Stereotypes – Maryna Viazovska

Ukraine has a strong track record of female mathematicians. Today's mathematician, Maryna Viazovska, recently cracked the open problem of sphere packing in eight dimensions.

L'Ucraina ha una lunga serie di matematiche importanti. La matematica di oggi, Maryna Viazovska, ha recentemente risolto il problema del''impacchettamento di sfere in otto dimensioni.

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