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Call for students: Volunteer guides at EGMO 2018

Call for volunteer guides at EGMO 2018.

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Women in Mathematics beyond Stereotypes — Sylvia Serfaty

We continue our series on women in mathematics who defy the usual mathematicians' stereotypes with Sylvia Serfaty, who does not see herself as a genius or a nerd.

Continuiamo questa serie su matematiche che non corrispondono ai consueti stereotipi sui matematici con Sylvia Serfaty, che non si ritiene né un genio, né un nerd.

Photo: © Julien Jouanjus

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Thinking Out Loud – EGMO 2014 Problem 2

EGMO 2014, problem 2. Let \(D\) and \(E\) be points in the interiors of sides \(AB\) and \(AC\), respectively, of a triangle \(ABC\), such that \(DB=BC=CE\). Let the lines \(CD\) and \(BE\) meet at \(F\). Prove that the incentre \(I\) of triangle \(ABC\), the orthocentre \(H\) of triangle \(DEF\) and the midpoint \(M\) of the arc \(BAC\) of the circumcircle of triangle \(ABC\) are collinear.

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